Starcraft 2 Betting Guide

Starcraft 2 Betting Guide

What is Starcraft 2?

Starcraft 2 is a one-on-one real-time strategy game first released in 2010. It is the sequel to Starcraft, a sci-fi spinoff of the original Warcraft RTS series. As one of Activision-Blizzard's premier esports, Starcraft 2 is one of the longest-running modern competitive games. For over a decade, fierce competition has turned the game into a role model for the esports industry as a whole.

To start the game, each player chooses from one of three distinct races. The Protoss are an alien race focused on larger units and tricky technology. The Zerg are an insect-like army that prioritizes numbers and versatility. Humans are represented by the Terrrans, who focus on efficient hit-and-run tactics. Most professional Starcraft 2 players dedicate themselves to playing only one of the three factions.

After loading in, the two competitors rally to collect as many resources as they can. As the match progresses, they'll begin sending out scouting armies to check on their enemy and skirmish with the enemy’s exploratory forces. Both players will use accumulated resources to advance their technological capabilities and construct more powerful units. The game often ends in an all-out battle to destroy a base. Starcraft 2 blends intense mechanical skill with deep strategic gameplay that is still evolving today.

Starcraft 2 betting fans have stuck with the game for over ten years for good reason. While many esports have top tier production value, few have had it for as long as Starcraft. The game is wildly popular in Korea and comes with a full suite of analysts, commentators, and hosts. There’s also plenty of supplemental material for Starcraft 2, and no game is as consistently professional as Starcraft 2.

Betting on Starcraft 2

There are always opportunities for Starcraft 2 betting. Thanks to Activision-Blizzard, the game features a constantly-running competitive circuit called the StarCraft II World Championship Series. The series comprises several events throughout the year culminating in the Global Playoffs. The World Championship Series is also broken down by region, with only quarterly events or third-party contests featuring international competition. That means bettors can wager on a wide range  of competition.

If those events don’t sound like enough for you, you might be interested in the various third-party tournaments. StarLadder, Electronic Sports League, DreamHack, and AfreecaTV are all major hosts for Starcraft 2 tournaments. Their leagues often feature multiple levels of play, including amateur, semi-pro, and women’s leagues.

With so many regions and tiers of competitive play, it can be overwhelming to see a Starcraft event in sportsbooks. Two players can also be matched against each other multiple times at the same event. There are also team events where two squads of players face each other. Always double check exactly which match you’re betting on. Betting sites will usually have the exact match time listed in the sportsbook.

While the majority of Starcraft events are streamed live on Twitch, AfreecaTV prefers to broadcast their tournaments on their own proprietary streaming website. AfreecaTV is also the preferred host for many South Korean Starcraft 2 tournaments. Remember that Korea is the most competitive region in the world for Starcraft.

Watching Starcraft 2

While it’s been patched several times in its decade-long competitive spree, Starcraft 2 is effectively the same game that came out in 2010. That means that top players are complete masters of the game, able to turn even the smallest mistakes into fatal ones. The interactions between the three races lead to incredibly complex chess-like gameplay that’s a joy to watch unfold. Games last about 20 minutes in professional Starcraft 2, so you get to see the dance play out again and again. Matches are usually played best of three, five, or even seven for grand finals.

Another advantage of watching Starcraft 2 is the phenomenal coverage for events. Many Starcraft commentators and analysts have been honing their craft since the Starcraft 1 days. Production quality for such events is also best-in-class; they’ve been showing Starcraft on Korean television since 2000. Any traditional sports fan would feel right at home with Starcraft 2 coverage.

Thanks to its rich competitive scene and myriad of viable strategies, Starcraft 2 is for esports bettors who want a refined game with plenty of heritage and opportunities to bet.

Understanding the Odds

Once you’ve found the right match to bet on, you’ll want to make sure you understand the potential results of your wager. Take the odds plainly displayed in the sportsbook and multiply your bet by that number. For example, if you place an €80 bet at 1.5 odds, you could win €120!

When you find your first Starcraft 2 matchup to wager on, here are the options to keep in mind.

Match-Up Winner

This is the most straightforward bet available. Pick which team you believe will win a given match and see your Starcraft 2 knowledge comes through.

Correct Score

Matches in Starcraft 2 are either best-of-one, best-of-three, best-of-five or best-of-seven. This option lets you pick which team will win and by how many games. You can bet on a landslide or a close call. In addition to the score, you can also bet on the number of maps that will be played overall, for example over/under 2.5.

Map Winner

You can bet on the winner of each map.


Map handicaps apply bonus map wins to one team, letting you shift the odds away or towards your favorite team. A -1.50 map handicap means Team A will need to clean sweep Team B in a best-of-three series.

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