Rocket League Betting Guide

Rocket League Betting Guide

What is Rocket League?

First released in 2015, Rocket League is a vehicular soccer esport made by Californian development studio Psyonix. While originally released as a casual game, Rocket League’s minimalistic design and deep gameplay has made it one of the most popular esports in the world. Professional Rocket League teams can compete for millions of dollars in prize money every year at international tournaments. Esports bettors look to Rocket League for its beginner friendliness and international competition. Rocket League Betting is perfect for punters new to the concept of betting on video games.

Rocket League’s accessibility as an esport lies in its simplicity. The rules are basically just soccer with some ice hockey thrown in. Three players on each team all control their own toy-like automobile which they use to score goals, intercept passes, and wrestle over the ball. Cars can collide with each other to create unpredictable scrambles and even go airborne for tricky shots on goal. There’s even a boost mechanic that lets cars go full throttle when they need it most.

While the premise is incredibly simple, Rocket League’s aerial mobility and quirky take on soccer make it an exciting esport that’s easy to watch. If you’re new to esports betting and want a game you can understand right away, Rocket League betting is the best for you.

Betting on Rocket League

The company that created Rocket League, Psyonix, was acquired by Epic Games in 2019. Due to their aggressive marketing campaigns, Epic pushed their premier title Fortnite to become one of the most popular games in history. Its esports circuit was no small part of that. Rocket League also enjoys a bustling competitive circuit with both amatuer and professional events.

The pinnacle of competitive Rocket League is the Rocket League Championship Series, or RLCS for short. The RLCS is Psyonix’ own competitive league that runs twice yearly. Every winter and summer the top teams from each major region compete against each other to qualify for the RLCS Finals. The peak of Rocket League features the world’s top squads battling for over a million dollars every year.

In addition to their own league, Psyonix also sponsors many third-party events that happen all year round. Every region features a ton of tournaments for varying levels of play. Very few esports can match the sheer volume of competitive play that Rocket League has. North America, South America, Europe, and Oceania all have thriving third-party circuits. Psyonix is fond of giving pot bonuses to smaller events, so there’s always plenty of Rocket League to bet on.

Watching Rocket League

While “soccer with cars” is all you need to understand a Rocket League match, there are plenty of subtle maneuvers and bombastic techniques in professional play. Cars can’t move the same way that soccer players can, so players have to use their momentum with precision to hit the ball. Skilled teams can use the game’s aerial mobility to set up assists and pass the ball downfield.

There aren’t any offsides or crossing out of bounds in Rocket League. Instead, the arena curves upwards serving as a ramp for players to jump off of. Boost can also be activated midair to enable longer hang time and even more precision. All these add up to make Rocket League esports full of delicate strategy with solid execution that lead to exciting razor-sharp plays.

While it might sound challenging to track all six players, Rocket League takes full advantage of the camera angles afforded to esports. Wide angles, fluid cuts, and player perspectives are all made possible thanks to the RLCS’s fantastic spectating tools. Thanks to digital observing, the views are much more exciting than the usual tilted-forward pitch camera. Also unlike regular soccer, almost every pro game is free to watch in high definition on Twitch.

Thanks to the wide coverage of the Rocket League Championship Series, plenty of regional rivalries have sprung up for bettors to take advantage of. European and American teams both frequently appear in the RLCS Grand Finals and frequently trade the title within a year.

You don’t need to know the exact details to enjoy the aerial dogfights and impressive plays that make up professional Rocket League. Its simple but deep gameplay and global competition make Rocket League a game worth betting on.

Understanding the Odds

Decimal odds, often called European odds, are easy to understand. Find the right Rocket League match to bet on and multiply your wager by the odds shown. A €100 bet will net you €150 on a 1.5 odds bet.

The most common kinds of bet for Rocket League is the match-up bet, which lets you pick which team is going to win a given match. Thanks to its similarity to soccer, many bettor’s favorites have been brought over to Rocket League. You can place Rocket League bets on the total number of goals scored or set it so your team must win by a certain amount of goals.

Remember that, unlike in traditional sports, Rocket League teams can play multiple matches in a single day. Modifiers like guessing the total number goals will also change your odds. Always double-check to make sure you’ve got the right match and odds before you place your wager.

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