LPL Week 10 Days 5-6 Match Predictions

LPL Week 10 Days 5-6 Match Predictions

The Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL), the premier League of Legends competition in China, is in its final week of the 2020 Summer regular season.

Of the eight playoffs spots, only two remain. While the rest of the league fights tooth and nail to qualify, the six already confirmed for the postseason cannot rest easy either. Seeding is still up for grabs, and the qualified teams will want to finish as high as possible. With so much at stake, this last week of the LPL will be an explosive one.

Vici Gaming vs Suning

Fifth-place Suning is secure in its postseason while tenth-place Vici Gaming falls just outside the cutoff with no way to enter the top eight. So while Suning still has seeding to play for, Vici has nothing motivating them beyond pride.

Unluckily for Vici, their pride isn’t likely to survive this meeting. Suning has the advantage going into this match. Suning’s jungler Quang Duy “SofM” Lê and support Shuo-Chieh “SwordArt” Hu will be crucial in deciding the early-game. With the combat-heavy nature of the LPL, these two’s roaming and ganking will prove vital in securing first blood, first dragon and first tower for Suning. With these advantages, the game should go to Suning.

Oh My God vs JD Gaming

In first place at 12-3, the defending LPL 2020 Spring champions JD Gaming (JDG) will want every win they can get to ensure their first-place finish for the regular season. It seems that they will get their wish in this match against fourteenth-place Oh My God (OMG), currently 3-11.

This match should be an easy domination for JDG. Jungler Jin-hyeok “Kanavi'' Seo has run rampant through the jungle against far better opposition than what OMG can hope to offer. Supported by top-laner Xing-Ran “Zoom” Zhang and mid-laner Qi “Yagao” Zeng, Kanavi should establish the early game and its objectives as JDG’s, and the game as their soon after.

LNG Esports vs Dominus Esports

The battle at the bottom features sixteenth-place LNG Esports taking on last-place Dominus Esports at seventeenth. LNG’s unflattering 3-11 win-loss record still has two more victories than the 1-14 Dominus, whose sole win over EDward Gaming in Week 5 is the only bright spot in this team’s Summer season.

This match is by no means certain. Both teams are prone to making mistakes and misplays that throw away whatever advantages they hold. It will ultimately be up to LNG mid-laner Yi-Tang “Maple” Huang and jungler Yu-Long “Xx” Xiong to try and secure the difference over Dominus’ bot-laner Qing-Bin “xubin” Xu.

EDward Gaming vs eStar

This match features two once-bright stars of the LPL from different eras. EDward Gaming (EDG) was once a staple of domestic and international Chinese League of Legends but has faltered since 2019 as new organizations rose into prominence. eStar debuted into the LPL in Spring earlier this year with an impressive fifth-place finish in the regular season. That momentum has halted coming into Summer, and now eStar is struggling to scrape together any wins.

Eleventh and fifteenth respectively, EDG and eStar have nothing to play for other than the pride of their regular season standing. EDG is favored to win the match, but not by much. Both teams are prone to errors that can cause large swings in the game. The volatile nature of this match-up makes predictions on objectives extremely uncertain. For EDG to emerge victorious, the team will require a strong performance from long-standing mid-laner Ye-chan “Scout” Lee.

Top Esports vs Team WE

This match-up is one of the most exciting of the final week of the LPL. Third-place Top Esports (TES) demonstrated their peak with their victory at the Mid-Season Cup. Though they remain volatile and have dropped matches here and there in the LPL season, they are still widely regarded as potentially the best League of Legends team in the world. A victory here is crucial in closing the gap to finishing high in the regular season standings, pending other results.

Meanwhile, Team WE is fighting to maintain their spot in the playoffs. At seventh place, Team WE are not secure in their postseason appearance, and a victory is needed to ensure their safety.

Unfortunately for Team WE, TES will likely be an insurmountable challenge. With strong star players in multiple positions, TES can, in many cases, brute force a victory over Team WE in the instances where their strategies fall short. Expect TES jungler Hao-Hsuan “Karsa” Hung to secure the early objectives in favour of TES, and then superstar mid-laner Ding “knight” Zhuo and bot-laner Wen-Bo “JackeyLove” Yu to close out the games for TES.

The LPL broadcast is available on the LPL Twitch and YouTube channels. The Suning-Vici Gaming and OMG-JDG matches will take place on Friday, August 7, at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. CET respectively. The LNG-Dominus, EDG-eStar and TES-WE matches will take place on Saturday, August 8, at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 1 p.m. CET respectively.

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