How To Get Free Cryptocurrency?

How To Get Free Cryptocurrency?

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency refers to complex chunks of digital information that can be used as money. Cryptocurrencies are divided by the software used to obtain it. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are some of the most popular types of cryptocurrency, though there are hundreds of different kinds. Cryptocurrencies are measured in units named after the software, then broken down into smaller units like dollars into cents. For example, you can own one bitcoin, many bitcoins, or even just a part of a bitcoin.

Once you’ve obtained cryptocurrencies, there are many ways you can spend it online. Your cryptocurrency wallet can directly connect to many websites, allowing you to pay for many goods and services in “crypto.” Sites usually only accept a few kinds of cryptocurrencies, mainly the ones mentioned above.

Betting sites are one of many industries that have started to accept cryptocurrencies. Many betting sites now offer payouts with cryptocurrency, and some even allow for cryptocurrency deposits. If you’re looking to bet on the go, cryptocurrencies offer a secure and quick method of depositing and withdrawing.

How to get free cryptocurrency?

Method 1 - Look for cryptocurrency faucets

The cryptocurrency market relies on new people joining regularly, and some organizations have systems designed to let people try out cryptocurrencies for free. Faucets are websites that slowly “drip” crypto out to people on the site.

Some of them are passive, requiring only that you keep the webpage open and connected to a bitcoin wallet. Others can require small tasks, like solving captchas, filling out surveys or refreshing the page. The most popular faucet, called Free, is operated by the Bitcoin team themselves. Their faucet is specifically meant to give people a taste of cryptocurrency ownership.

Keep in mind that some cryptocurrency faucets don’t have your best interests in mind. Some of them can have absurdly high withdrawal limits. Make sure to research a faucet you’re interested in and double-check the withdrawal limit. Once you’ve found a good faucet, you can sit back and relax as the free cryptocurrency flows to you.

Method 2 - The crypto community is generous

If you’d prefer something more active, social media is a great place to look for free cryptocurrency. There are lots of investors in the market, and similarly to faucets, they want as many people involved in crypto as possible. Influencers and investors will sometimes give away Bitcoin or Ethereum to their followers.

These giveaways can have many winners getting small amounts or only a few winners who receive more substantial amounts. You will often be asked to follow and retweet the initial announcements. These giveaways lead to the giver getting attention on social media, leading to more giveaways in the future.

Just like with faucets, these people don’t always have the best intentions. Make sure you’re not giving away personal information or the password to your crypto wallet. People can impersonate influencers or run hoax giveaways, so be careful. If you get lucky, you can quickly pad out your betting account with free social media crypto.

Method 3 - Mining it yourself

You might have wondered, “Where do cryptocurrencies even come from?” The truth is, everyone creates them. Giant calculations are slowly deciphered and broken apart by people “mining” it with their computers. When the calculation is deciphered, everyone receives a piece of the resulting cryptocurrency, and a new calculation takes its place. Special software will let your computer get in on the action.

Almost every cryptocurrency is generated this way, including the big ones like Bitcoin. The calculations become increasingly complex every time it is replaced, so the more powerful your computer, the more bitcoin you will receive when it is solved. Both powerful and not-so-powerful computers can mine for bitcoin passively.

Keep in mind that there are other costs associated with this; electricity isn’t free, and it can strain your computer parts. However, you don’t have to deal with any transfers or limits; the crypto immediately finds a home in your digital wallet. This is the most direct way to get crypto to use on your favorite betting site.

Method 4 - Trading sites

In addition to its use as a currency, cryptocurrencies are often a favorite of investors and speculators. Trading platforms like Coinbase or Robinhood allow you to purchase and hold cryptocurrencies on their platforms, and they often come with opportunities to earn free cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase has an educational program called Earn that allows you to earn free crypto. The site consists of several informational videos on the intricacies of cryptocurrency, and in the end, you’ll receive some to keep! There are many different cryptocurrencies, and each one has its unique features, so be sure to take advantage of their better-than-free education.

Method 5 - Referral codes

On the topic of trading sites, many of them offer incentives to get your friends in on the action. Cryptocurrency investors want as many people as possible using crypto, so they’re very generous to those who bring people onboard. Many trading sites like the ones mentioned above have referral systems, but Thunderpick offers an even more convenient platform.

Share your referral code with brand-new Thunderpick bettors, and you’ll earn a portion of their wagered amount for yourself. From there, you can make your own wagers to pad out your wallet or withdraw your earnings quickly and securely as free cryptocurrency.

Thunderpick accepts cryptocurrencies and offers complete security and fast withdrawals on any winnings.