Call of Duty Betting Guide

Call of Duty Betting Guide

What is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty is one of the most popular first-person shooters and has a lively esports scene. Casual fans consider Call of Duty a must-buy for any video game console. It’s the perfect game to hop in, have some fun with, and turn off without a second thought. Hardcore competitive players also enjoy the game, albeit with much higher stakes. Call of Duty’s cross-market appeal has led to a thriving esports scene perfect for betting.

Call of Duty is developed and published by esports juggernaut Activision-Blizzard. They also develop many other popular esports titles like Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Starcraft. While Call of Duty has several yearly tournaments to bet on, Activision-Blizzard usually puts on the most significant events. The game is so popular that new tournaments pop up every week, taking place online and offline.

The Call of Duty League is the premier competitive circuit for the game. It consists of a regular season and a playoff bracket. The Call of Duty League also features a specially modified ruleset that's tailored for professional play. Many third-party events also follow the CDL’s ruleset. Traditional sports bettors would feel right at home with Call of Duty betting as the League’s regular schedule is quite similar to that of the NFL or NBA.

Call of Duty’s two hallmarks as an esport are its rich competitive history and superstar players. Modern Warfare is the sixteenth mainline game in the Call of Duty series. Some teams have a heritage stretching back decades. The players on those teams are also quite outspoken, leading to even more exciting rivalries. Call of Duty bettors get to double-dip on entertainment as they get an exciting match and spicy player interviews afterward.

Betting on Call of Duty

Thanks to the yearly nature of the Call of Duty League, anytime is a good time to start watching Call of Duty. A dozen teams meet several times a month to compete against each other. The League itself runs a consistent schedule so you can plan out your wagers months in advance.  The regular season lasts around eight months, and the two-week playoff tournament occurs after a two-week break. The prize pool for the League is in the millions. The regular season and playoffs are exclusively streamed on YouTube.

In addition to the top-level circuit, the League offers an amateur-level league called Challengers. This circuit lets anyone get a name in Call of Duty esports and comes with a massive prize pool. If the pro League isn’t enough Call of Duty for you, keep an eye out for Challengers.

Regular play for the Call of Duty League only supports the twelve franchised teams in the league. If you want to see more teams compete, you’ll have to tune in to one of the many third-party events happening all year round. Electronic Sports League and AfterDark are the premier third-party Call of Duty hosts, but organizers are always planning new events for Call of Duty. The game’s popularity demands competition, and that means more opportunities for CoD Betting.

Watching Call of Duty

Once you’ve found the first Call of Duty game you want to watch, the rules are essential for understanding the game. The games are played five versus five in one of three game modes. In Hardpoint, teams fight for map control in contested zones that continuously change. Search & Destroy tasks a team with destroying one of two bomb sites while the other team defends them. Lastly, players can fight for multiple static control zones in Domination. Series are usually played best-of-five but can be longer or shorter.

Why Should I Bet on Call of Duty?

One of the advantages of Call of Duty betting is its ubiquity. It’s the sixth bestselling video game franchise of all time, and almost everyone has crossed paths with Call of Duty. Saying you bet on League of Legends or Dota 2 might confuse people, but Call of Duty would likely interest them.

Call of Duty is an excellent esport to bet on for those with experience in traditional sports. Everything is planned out ahead of time, and the teams in attendance are always consistent. The production quality is also on par with traditional sports leagues. NHL or soccer bettors will feel comfortable placing bets on Call of Duty.

Understanding the Odds

If betting on the CDL interests you, you’ll want to know the exact details of your wager before you’ve placed it. Luckily, Call of Duty supports many of the popular wager types. Match-Up Winner is the most straightforward bet as you simply pick which team will win a given match. You can also add conditions on top of your Match-Up Winner, such as a Handicap to even the odds or a Total Maps bet if you’re confident a match will be close or a blowout.

The odds for your wager will change as you add and remove conditions. To find out your prospective winnings, just take your bet and multiply it by the displayed odds. For example, if you wager €100 on your Call of Duty team to win at 1.7 odds, you could win €170!

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